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Misc Update

Misc Update published on No Comments on Misc Update

The other half of my life that isn’t making comics (or playing video games, or writing) is working as the Tech Director for the Coalition for Responsible Home Education and learning how to write all the programming languages.

Why am I telling you this? because I felt like blogging in this space and since there’s no comic today because I was doing my other job, it seemed fitting to mention it here. Sometimes I take for granted that people will likely just follow my work around various websites and already read my blog and know about or are already patrons on my patreon. At the moment that may be true, even, but still.

So today I was doing my other job, which at the moment is data entry, setting up a CRM, and getting ready for November and December giving because holidays.

Also there’s still no Wacom driver for my imac which is getting really frustrating, if I’m being completely honest. I prefer drawing on that computer because the screen is better. ­čśŤ


As far as the comic goes, which is what you’re here for anyway (probably). BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING, if you haven’t already guessed. I’ve been waiting so long for the Ryn-is-Spawn reveal. Seriously.


Twenty-One published on No Comments on Twenty-One

The comic is super simple today, and you might notice the colors are off. There’s a reason for that: the mac OS update broke my wacom driver, so trying to draw in Manga Studio 5 is almost impossible, and my surface pro is too small to use MS5 — fast enough, but really hard to actually get the tools working because everything is scaled down so much.

So I used Sketchbook Pro, which is great on the surface pro, but doesn’t have the colors….I’m torn between waiting until I can make the comics of the quality that I like, or making them for the sake of making them. But I did one today┬ábecause I *want* to be making them.

There’s no really good option until the driver comes out and I can use my tablet again, so this is just a tidbit of a thing.


Ryn is having a really hard time dealing with The Change.

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