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E.R.A. Volume 1 is available!

E.R.A. Volume 1 is available! published on No Comments on E.R.A. Volume 1 is available!

Yes. Not only has there been a complete redesign, I made the Eighteen comics so far INTO A BOOK.


Naturally, it’s on amazon.

I don’t have a kindle version out. yet. I might do one though, now that there’s been a color version for quite some time.

A Small List of Resources

A Small List of Resources published on No Comments on A Small List of Resources



Are we missing some? (We know we are) Leave a link in the comments!

You found E.R.A.!

You found E.R.A.! published on No Comments on You found E.R.A.!

I guess there’s no place like the first post for a little bit of backstory as to why the comic exists.

We sort of have to start off with a little bit of my backstory first…

I am a non-binary/gender-queer bisexual comic artist – Chronicles of a Bitch Goddess and Kiery Draws Fairy Porn , are some of my other comics and I do a lot of other things, most of them are findable at Bridging the Gap and my Patreon.

In 2014 I realized that there was something missing in the webcomic world, and I’m not sure how truly accurate it is, because this is the internet, but I felt like, while there were a lot of comics about being queer and all that entails, I haven’t yet stumbled across a comic that centers around characters who just happen to be non-binary/queer/etc, and then I had a lightbulb moment and realized “I could make that!”

So here we are. 

E.R.A. is a story about three friends: Eluna, Ryn, and Ames, and their adventures. Oh, and also Fitz, their doge.

One of the cool things about writing your own story is making your own headcanon, this little tidbit of information has been living in my head for ages and I thought I’d share it.

Fairies are born of laughter, right? So there’s no need for the Fae to have to live in a binary, there’s no need for them to reproduce – so they’re androgynous and express themselves however they want to – except for the Changers, who transform to a more human male-like appearance when they go through the Rabbit Holes.

For some unknown reason – almost like an unspoken code – all the Guardians have hot pink hair. Some people think those with hot pink hair just tend to gravitate to that profession, but what they don’t tell you (or know, really) is General Pinkerton just really likes that color and anyone who doesn’t have that color naturally dyes it to maintain uniformity. Military, I guess.


About published on

Kierstyn Darkwater is a bisexual non-binary blue-haired comic artist living in the Bay. If you like their comic, you should check out their patreon.


About E.R.A.

If you look closely enough, the otherworldliness of video games
really isn’t that otherworldly. At least, not here. What’s that mean? I guess we’ll find out.

Though not explicitly stated or made an issue of (yet?) within the comic, the protagonists of E.R.A. fall into the Genderqueer/fluid/Non-Binary part of the gender spectrum (like the creator). Which is kinda rad.

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