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Twenty-One published on No Comments on Twenty-One

The comic is super simple today, and you might notice the colors are off. There’s a reason for that: the mac OS update broke my wacom driver, so trying to draw in Manga Studio 5 is almost impossible, and my surface pro is too small to use MS5 — fast enough, but really hard to actually get the tools working because everything is scaled down so much.

So I used Sketchbook Pro, which is great on the surface pro, but doesn’t have the colors….I’m torn between waiting until I can make the comics of the quality that I like, or making them for the sake of making them. But I did one today┬ábecause I *want* to be making them.

There’s no really good option until the driver comes out and I can use my tablet again, so this is just a tidbit of a thing.


Ryn is having a really hard time dealing with The Change.

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